Classes at a Glance

The following is a brief description of upcoming classes offered by Jennifer Urezzio in July.

Say YES to Your Body … And … Amp Up Your Receiving

What I see so often with “spiritually” minded individuals is a disconnection from their body and the earth plane.

We often forget that we have to be grounded to both earth and sky to receive. Your body might be trying to get your attention if:

  • You often feel like you aren’t in present time
  • You are in distress (autoimmune issues, aches, pains, etc.)
  • You are in conflict with it (I don’t like it, it never does what I want, etc.)

Not treating your body with love can be a major reason for not receiving your heart’s desire. It is the vessel that carries your Soul and it deserves to be treated with respect and reverence.

Are you ready to create a new relationship with your body and amp up your receiving? If so, this month’s Soul Expedition Academy interactive virtual class is for you.

What does this class offer?

  • An opportunity for you to create a more harmonious relationship with your body
  • An opportunity for you to understand how you have been “blocking” your receiving by not being connected to your body
  • An opportunity for you to understand how your body is here to truly support your Soul’s purpose

Why would I take another class?

It’s not about taking another class. This workshop offers much more than just knowledge. I offer the opportunity for you to embody what you know, and what you learn from your Soul during this class.

The results of this class are:

  • profound respect and love for your body
  • a new way to receive
  • more vibrant life force

What’s included in the class (and the details):

  • 60-minute class on Wednesday, July 5th 9:00 am PT//10:00 am MT//11:00 am CT//12:00 pm ET (this is part of the Soul Expedition Academy)
  • Class replay download

Investment: $42