Classes at a Glance

The following is a brief description of upcoming classes offered by Jennifer Urezzio in September.

Stop Struggling with the How – Creating Strategies That Work For A Renegade

So often I hear this from clients…”I can feel how big my vision is, but how do I make it happen?”

We are only in charge of a very small portion of the “how”, yet so often are trying to co-create with the Universe using someone else’s principles – and we miss the mark.  This class is for you if:

  • You often feel pressured about how to “make things happen”
  • You have a big vision and go into overwhelm
  • You feel like you could be receiving more

I have a simple process that will teach you to co-create with the “how” of the Universe. You will learn an easy system to know and take action on the next step for your life, your business and your vision.

If this resonates with you, this month’s Soul Expedition Academy interactive virtual class is for you.

What does this class offer?

  • A system for you to co-create with the how
  • An opportunity for you to develop an on-going strategy for your business
  • An opportunity for you to move from overwhelm (or over-doing) to a balance of giving and receiving

Why would I take another class?

This is not about taking another class. This workshop offers much more than just knowledge. I offer the opportunity for you to embody what you know and what you learn from your Soul during this class.

The results of this class are:

  • a simple structure for you to co-create with the Universe
  • a new way of co-creating that works with who you are on a Soul level
  • less overwhelm and less over-doing

What’s included in the class (and the details):

  • 60-minute class on Wednesday, September 6th – 9:00 am PT//10:00 am MT//11:00 am CT//12:00 pm ET (this is part of the Soul Expedition Academy)
  • Class replay download


Investment: $42