Soul Language Classes

There is so much wisdom within the Soul Language community and our Soul Language Practitioners are dedicated to providing you with tools that you can utilize to connect and transform your life, which creates tangible results.

This month’s classes are taught by Dixie Gillaspie.  You can learn more about Dixie by clicking here and below.


How to Invite Soul into Your Business — Building a Successful Business in Partnership with the Divine
Thursday, October 12th 9am PT, 10am MT, 11am CT, noon ET

Business is more than just a material pursuit. It’s really the material extension of a spiritual journey.

At its core, a business is simply one or more people creating something of value that one or more other people are willing to compensate them for. Since people are souls, that means business is really a soul-to-soul proposition.

How do you hear the voice of your Soul when it comes to business? How do you recognize soul in your customers, colleagues, and other business connections? How do you partner with the Divine to create the business that best serves you and the world?

In this class you’ll learn how to invite soul to the table in your business decisions, conversations, negotiations, and relationships to create greater wealth, ease, and deeper fulfillment.

  • Listen to your Soul to uncover your purpose and deepest desire.
  • Align with Divine Will to channel infinite power into your enterprise.
  • Receive guidance and inspiration from your Soul and the Divine.
  • Welcome the material compensation that is a natural result of sharing your divine gifts.

Investment: $46.00


Giving Voice to Soul – Communicating Your Soul’s Truth throughout Your Brand and Business
Thursday, October 19th at 9am PT, 10am MT, 11am CT, noon ET

Can your Soul be heard in your speaking and writing? As entrepreneurs and business leaders we all speak and write for a living. We write emails, memos, sales copy, newsletters, blog posts, articles, speeches, even books. We speak to prospects, colleagues, clients, employees, audiences, and communities.

The voice of our soul is the most authentic, powerful, persuasive voice we are given. Yet we’re often counseled to leave our soul and spiritual connection out of our business conversations.

In this class you’ll learn to add the unique stamp of “youness” to your business communication, even when sharing the most logical, technical, or mundane information.

  • Embed your soul’s truth in the language you choose for any type of communication.
  • Draw in business partners and clients who “hear” you and align with your soul.
  • Be known for your authentic self and gifts.
  • Have confidence in your message and personal truth.

Investment: $46.00

Yes, you can sign up for both classes. The investment is $85.00

Dixie has been involved in growing businesses for most of her adult life. And she reached a very simple truth about what a business really is. At its core, a business is nothing more than one or more people creating something of enough value to one or more other people that they are willing to compensate them for it.

Dixie consults on business growth and coaches on personal and professional development, and just as it did when she started her consulting practice 21 years ago, everything she does comes back to people. And people are souls. Souls with a unique DNA, with a divine purpose, with gifts and talents and their own way of manifesting in the material world.