How to Deliberately Tune into Your Authentic Self – Guest Post by Kimberly Englot

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(Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Master, and Tone: Connoisseur
Business Soul Languages: AQ: Negotiator, AT: Monk, and Tone: Collaborator)

This is a process that I use to deliberately “tune into” my authentic self when I need specific guidance or answers. The same process works to ask spirit guides, ask your soul,  pray, or tapping into your gut instinct. Whichever form you choose, the main intention is to seek your Truth.

It is not difficult, but there is some prep work involved.

Feel good. In order to receive your message you must be in a place to “hear it.” This requires you to clean up your energy by feeling good. Feeling bad = messy energy and messy vibes that you are sending out into the physical world. It twists the message that your authentic self (your soul) sends back. Think of your feelings as a filter, you want a positive filter!

The easiest way to clean up your energy is to think of something that makes you happy. Remember a time in the past where you were fully engaged and joyful. Maybe it was holding a sleeping baby or playing with your dog. Maybe it was the day you received that big promotion or got accepted to medical school. Find a joyful thought, any joyful thought, and hold it in your mind for a few moments. Fully immerse yourself in that memory.

Although it could be tempting to skip this step, don’t do it! This is very important. You can’t leave this step out and expect to be successful because any answer you receive from asking in a low-energy point (feeling bad), will be skewed.  That is, if you receive any guidance at all, it will be a low-energy answer and not represent your Truth.

Ask a clear question. You want to know exactly what you’re asking because vague questions get vague answers. Ask your authentic self something specific, focusing on a solution rather than a problem.

Example: Instead of asking, “What do I do about __(problem)___,” ask something like, “What is the next logical step to creating ___(desired outcome)______ .”

In asking for a solution, you get a solution. Remember that the Law of Attraction gives you more of what you put your attention to, so if you ask for help on a problem, you are focusing on the problem and will get more problems.

Spend as much time as you need to formulate your question because you must feel comfortable asking it.

Clear your mind. The authentic self is very quiet, like a whisper. It won’t fight the inner critic, so the trick is to quiet the inner critic first. Once you are feeling great and know the question you want to ask, clear your mind of all thought with meditation.

Many people hate meditation, but it is the quickest way to clear the mind. The only other alternative is to flood your mind with pure positive thought and when you are struggling or stuck in a negative place that can be difficult, if not impossible. Eliminating all thought is much easier than eliminating only negative thoughts.

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard; if you think it’s hard, you simply have a limiting belief about your ability to do it. It can be as simple as shutting the bedroom door for 15 minutes, putting on some music and noticing your breathing. Don’t fight thoughts, just let them be and put no energy into fighting them. My favorite way to get into meditation is to simply breathe deeply and count 1, 2, 3… 1, 2, 3 over and over again. The counting keeps the analytical scientist part of my brain busy while the spiritual part of my consciousness focuses on breathing, relaxing and feeling good. Try that process if you hate meditation or struggle with the idea of completely clearing your mind of thought.

Keep it mind that this isn’t about perfection. Just try.

Trust what comes. If you follow the above steps, you will find your answer. Trust what comes from it and follow up with action. Keep in mind that you aren’t necessarily going to receive the exact answer that you predict. Sometimes you get an answer that doesn’t make any sense to you at the time. You will receive what you are asking for via “the path of least resistance,” according to the non-physical beings Abraham-Hicks, and sometimes it doesn’t show up like you want it to. Let go of the how and trust the Truth that shows up. When you receive exactly what you are asking for, you can look back and see why it needed to happen the way it did.

Why is it this way? I heard it explained beautifully once: If God were to show us the entire path, we’d be so overwhelmed and frightened that we’d never take the first step.

Start with step one and see where it takes you!

This article is an excerpt from Kimberly’s book, ‘The Now of Happiness: Your Official Happiness Formula.

Kimberly (Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Master, and Tone: Connoisseur. Business Soul Languages: AQ: Negotiator, AT: Monk, and Tone: Collaborator) is an Observer, Master, Connoisseur and the Founder of The Center for Authentic Self Development who has made it her mission to teach women and heart- centered entrepreneurs the mindset mastery needed to succeed in business, relationships and life. She works with people who are willing to say ‘YES’ to happiness by taking responsibility for what isn’t working and making it a priority to change. Learn more about Kimberly, her books, and her vision at While there, make sure you pick up her FREE Limited Edition eBook: ‘Dump The Junk and Be Happy: Biz, Career, Money,’ co authored by industry leaders like Jennifer Urezzio, Laura West and Jennifer Longmore.


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