“Just Go With the FLOW” – Guest Post by Kricket Harrison

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(Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Politician, AT: Motivator, and Tone:Evolver)

You’ve heard it said over and over again—as if being in ‘the FLOW’ is the only appropriate place to be.  What does it really mean?

I am often told that one of my gifts is my ‘ability to see what needs to be done, and still, just go with the flow and let things happen.  (AKA—not cause a rift…..)  I am flexible’…. I started to wonder, “Is this really a compliment? A strength?  Let alone, a gift?”


Going with the flow is a good thing, IF it is a good thing for you, who you are, and how you work.  However, this is really being ‘IN the flow.’  Quite often, when we are ‘in the flow’ things seem easy.  When we are in flow, the universe seems to line up and support us in every way possible.  We tend to be at our best.  We are doing what is right for us, for the way we work, and for our purpose.   Alternatively, feeling stuck or lost often means we are working against our natural strengths and tendencies—more like a clog than a flow.

Being ‘in the flow’ is different from ‘going with the flow.’  What if ‘go with the flow’ means going with someone else’s flow?

Sometimes this phrase is used as a way of saying ‘just go with it, don’t cause trouble, don’t question things; make it easier on us, do it our way…’ This tends to happen more when others are trying to make things happen.   The words may sound the same, but they have a different feeling.   For me, there’s a stickiness to it.  It can feel like I am being asked to settle, to go against myself, my values, and my own flow.

For those of us who tend to think outside the box & brainstorm 1000 ideas at once, or who carry on several conversations at a time, fitting in to someone else’s flow can shut us down.  Therefore, it’s important for us, and everyone, to know what our own flow (or style) is.

What is your natural flow?  When are you at your best?  Is your flow a steady stream, a rippling brook, or raging rapids?  If you prefer a steady stream, how do you handle the rapids?  If you prefer the rapid pace, how do you deal with the slow, rippling brook?

I believe there are benefits to all experiences.  The key is to know that you have a CHOICE about how you handle the experience.  When you know who you are, and how you work, you can choose to be both ‘in the flow’ and to ‘go with the flow.’

Kricket Harrison, ACC, CPCC, PACG, and the founder of Bright Outside the Box, LLC, is a Professional Coach and Motivational Speaker with a passion for helping innovative ADD and ADDish minds – including entrepreneurs, professionals and students – shine. She helps her clients maximize their creative potential by developing strategies and structures for success based on their individual learning styles. Learn more about Kricket at www.BrightOutsideTheBox.com


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