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Soul Language – Consciously Connecting With Your Soul

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This tool is designed to guide you in understanding what went very well, well and what missed the mark at the end of a manifestation process.

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Keys of Grace Affirmation Deck – $31.95

keysofgrace-cardThe Keys of Grace Affirmation Deck is an easy-to-use tool that helps you feel more connected to your Spirit, your Soul, and the Universe with words written by Jennifer Urezzio and Artwork by Caren Frost Olmsted.

As humans, we search for answers and direction. All you need is inside of you, and yet sometimes it is difficult to hear, understand or feel that information — that’s where the Keys of Grace can help.

Hearing what your Soul and the Universe want to say to you is as easy as selecting a card.

This beautiful and insightful affirmation deck is perfect for self-reflection, as a gift for someone you love or as part of a “girls’ night out” celebration.

Audio CD – Aligning Soul — Unveiling Intuition – $9.99

aligning-soul-cdWith guided exercises and meditations this Audio CD is perfect for the novice who wants to begin to development their intuitive abilities. The meditations on the audio also provided practice intuitive and healers the chance to go further into their abilities.

Included on this $9.99 CD are the following:

  • Working Your Intuitive Muscle Instruction and Exercises – listeners will understand how psychic abilities work and ways to start building on their innate psychic ability
  • Alignment Meditation – this meditation helps you become more focused and provides you a way to center yourself.
  • Metaphysical Support Team Meditation – listeners will be given a meditation to help introduce them to their Angels, Guides and Teachers and the metaphysical team that surrounds them everyday providing loving and helpful information.