Power of Prayer – Spiritual Renegade Strategy to Turn Extraordinary Ideas Into Reality

I have had the amazing opportunity of working with Jennifer Urezzio several times over the last few years. My most recent experience was a Power of Prayer group I did with her in 2016 and early 2017.

The group with Jennifer was monumental in helping put more power and congruence into my prayers, as well as a time of great expansion and remembering. I walk much more confidently in my Self and my ability to co-create my life; as well as being present to the help that surrounds me daily. Magic is happening for me!

Jennifer is full of practical and powerful tools to help in staying present in the Presence of who we really are and our ability to co-create our lives. You will love growing with her!

Sue Morton


I believe that the feelings of not enough are just a miscommunication between you and your Soul…your Soul is saying I want more…and your ego is interpreting that as not enough.

From experience, real transformation takes root not by having a weekly coaching call but by conducting a weekly practice of awareness and realignment of beliefs, patterns and unsustainable practices.

Often a Renegade turns toward support when they are in crisis or up-leveling – there is a better way…

I have designed a 6-week program that is a consciousness expanding course and will teach you to be able to create transformation on an internal basis that will extend to your outer world.

We all know that when we are experiencing lack or feeling stuck, it is because we are focusing externally instead of on the internal expansion and power. We all know that connecting and focusing on our essential nature and transforming our consciousness will alleviate suffering (both big and small) in our lives and then in the lives of others.

We forget the profound truth that it is all internal because the external can be so painful that it derails us. A weekly consciousness-raising group supports this expansion of the internal.

During this six-week program, you will experience the following:
• New process designed with the Renegade in mind to support your ability to call in what you desire
• Creative Prayer – a tool to harness and focus your power in the direction that you truly desire
• Utilizing your Soul Super Power to dissolve those conflicts in experiencing more peace, love, abundance, etc.
• Understand suffering and separation in your world as a call for up-leveling in consciousness and without attachment to learn to transform it
• Understand the big picture of your suffering and of your joy
• Support when you fall off the consciousness wagon and ways to get back on the wagon
• Understand what you need and want on a moment-by-moment basis
• Revive or revolutionize your relationship with your higher power
• Learn what taking the consciousness high road means and how to know it is your key to receiving

Why would you want to participate in this six-week program?
• You want to alleviate your suffering in a new more powerful way
• You want to have a deeper relationship with yourself, the Divine, and others
• You want to let go of hidden pain (or not so hidden) that is preventing you from being truly great
• You are aware that your external world is running your life (in small and big ways)
• You are tired of doing this alone
• You want to surround yourself with conscious individuals who are willing to go deep
• You want to begin to be profoundly supported

Elements of the program:
• The program runs from Wednesday, May 10th – June 14th at 8:30 am PT/9:30 am MT/10:30 am CT/11:30 ET
• The weekly “class” is at noon eastern for 60 minutes
• Each class will include sharing by members, conscious expansion teaching, and tangible tools to utilize the power of prayer (you stating truth to create and receive) to expand and receive
• A 15-minute one-on-one session with Jennifer prior to the program to determine intentions and release resistance
• A 15-minute one-on-one session with Jennifer after the program to celebrate and be witnessed

The program is limited to six people. (This isn’t a marketing technique. It is so everyone can have time to share and receive.)

Investment: $200 (yeah…that breaks down to 33.33333 per class)