Un-creating Your Co-Dependent Relationship with Money

We have created our relationship with money – and we can un-create it! Most of us have a co-dependent relationship with money…what does that look like?

Does your relationship with money look like this?

  • Control
  • Denial
  • No boundaries when it comes to money or providing your services
  • Imbalance
  • Irresponsibility
  • Immaturity
  • Procrastination
  • Compromise

Have you ever had the experience of “working” on your prosperity, only to be blindsided by something that feels more like lack than prosperity?

Often our external experience with money isn’t where we want it to be because we are still operating on a co-dependent relationship with money internally. As we increase our external desire and momentum around inviting money into our experience, the more these internal discordant beliefs surface and create what appear to be negative experiences.

The good news? Your relationship with money is always unfolding. Your past experiences with money and prosperity do not have to dictate your future relationship with money. In fact, these experiences are the fuel to create something new. You get to have a healthy, loving relationship with money.

During this three week class, energetic and tangible tools are going to be provided to you to create a more beneficial on-going relationship with money.

Besides being a content-rich three week class, you will also receive some precious one-on-one time with each of three experts in transformation. Why are we the experts? It’s not because our lives are perfect, just the opposite, it is because we have been there and done that! Each of us has committed ourselves to the deeper dive. We practice our source-powered connection, we have conversations with the Divine and we have created tools on these topics that have supported our own empowerment and the empowerment of others.

What to expect at the end of the three weeks:

  • You won’t be looking or acting the same way about money
  • You will have some of that karma stickiness resolved when it comes to your relationship with money
  • You will have tangible tools to utilize when you are feeling afraid and confused about your money situation
  • You will have a structure that you can utilize to invite and accept more prosperity into your life

Please understand this is an interactive class. We are going to ask you to complete exercises and determine miracle intentions when it comes to you and your money relationship.

Your teachers are Jennifer Bloome, Jennifer Urezzio and Estee Tashereau

The details:

Monday, October 12th, 19th and 26th at 6 pm eastern (each class will be recorded and replays sent).

In addition, you will receive a 15 minute session with each of us and receive a tool to deepen your experience in this class.

Jennifer Bloome – 15 minute Discovery Session: Learn to add your Soul’s wisdom to your relationship with money.  Jennifer will identify one of your Money and Soul Relationship Languages. Individuals who have already had this session will receive a deeper layer of information.

Jennifer Urezzio – 15 minute Discovery Session: Learn one of your three core energies of Soul. You will walk away with tangible tools to connect to your Soul. Individuals who had this session or their Soul Languages IDed will get a 15 minute session on how to create a powerful prayer or statement of manifestation using their Soul.

Estee Taschereau – 15 minute Discovery Session: Begin your shift freeing your soul power from karma and beliefs that no longer support you and your relationship with money.

Investment: 150.00