Your Soul and Money – Tapping And Accepting The Capitalist Within

On September 21st at 3:00 pm PT/5:00 pm CT/6:00 pm eastern join three powerful spiritual Renegades in a content-driven complimentary, interactive 60-minute course that is designed to: provide you with foundations that transform your relationship with money.

All relationships require good foundations: trust, generosity, respect and collaboration. Does this sound like your relationship with money? Or is your relationship with money a struggle, a fight, bargaining, or begging.

During this 60 minutes with Estee Taschereau, Jennifer Bloome and Jennifer Urezzio you will learn and begin to embody the following:

  • Everything is internal – including our relationship with money. Money doesn’t have free-will it operates on your will…if the internal is struggle the external will be struggle. Start to understand the foundations of a more positive internal relationship with money.
  • Accept the Capitalist Within – Explore and tap into your internal capitalist. Understand your own personal foundation of the capital within you and how to access it and start to receive.
  • Understanding The Resource of Source – Learn how to create a foundation of receiving the resources you require from Source and how to take action so you can receive.
  • Opportunity to Create a More Personal Relationship with Money – Hear about a unique opportunity available to you to create a more profound, easy relationship with money.

This class will be filled with exercises that will shift your relationship with money immediately and will create a tangible impact on your abundance.

During the live call there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Yes, the call will be recorded and we recommend, you being a part of the live call to participate in the group energy.

To secure your place sign up below. You will receive the call-in material within several hours of securing your place in the free course.