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When I began the journey to understand my Soul, it led me to discovering Soul Language, and the ability to live more fully in my Soul. Once I recognized the value of Soul Language, I was hungry for more. More ways to ask intelligent questions, more ways to utilize this profound information and more ways to meet other “tribe” members. As I began to utilize the knowledge I was receiving from Divine guidance, my life changed. I stopped worrying all the time, my income began to grow, I attracted true people who love and support me, and I lived my purpose.

All that knowledge is now being offered to you. I am excited to offer the Success Support Program. A community based program designed to provide you with tangible tools on how to utilize your Soul Languages in your every day life AND connect with Soul Language “tribe” Members.

Right about now, most healers would be talking about the benefits of the program and you know I am not like most healers. I would like to address the mission of this community and of course Know Soul’s Language in general.

I created each Know Soul’s Language program to give you tangible ways to consciously connect with your Soul and form. With this conscious connection you learn to accept the support and abundance that is your right.

I am dedicated to the success and support of the planet. To me, that means that each one of us needs to feel successful and supported (whatever those definitions are to them). It is my belief that the Success Support Program provides these essential elements. To learn more about the program read on.

The Elements

Success Support Program
I personally found that I need a formal spiritual check-in at least once a month.

This program is created for transformational individuals who are interested in deepening their connection with their Soul. Puzzle Pieces

The intention is to provide access to tools, techniques and individuals that will provide the much needed support that transformational individuals need in order to continue with their own work. Each element has been constructed to provide the information, the understanding, the tools, the support, and the community that Soul Language members have been asking me for.

The Details of the Program:
1 LIVE Group Telecall (60 minutes) Each Month

Topics include: How To Live More Fully In Soul, Spiritual Blind Spots, Stepping Into the Spotlight, and Who Are You Supporting and Who is Supporting You?
Of course, all calls will be recorded so you can listen to them again and again. First class starts at the end of August.

1 Recorded Exercise Per Month Customized for Your Soul Language

If you want a different relationship with your Soul, then you need to focus on the relationship. These exercises will help build that conscious connection with your Soul. Also included on this recorded message will be additional information about other Languages and exercises so you understand those Languages as well.

Language Thursdays

Feeling stuck? Know what your Soul is saying is profound but need help interpreting? Thursday is your day to connect with me, founder of Know Soul’s Language. Send me a question, and using your Soul Languages we will move through the challenge together.

Soul Language Link

Personally, this is the whole reason to join the program! If you are an entrepreneur, most of the money you are earning is coming via relationships. Imagine having a link (Soul Language) that can create instant connections and support! Recently, I connected a Matriarch/Patriarch and a Collaborator. What happened can only be described as planet changing. The Collaborator added a needed element into a program that the Matriarch was offering to an international corporation. Within two weeks, they were meeting and speaking at this international corporation and contacts were being exchanged! There will also be a private site for those in the community to chat, discuss, request, and get to know each other. Interested in seeing what it will look like?

What’s the value of this program? I personally can’t place a value of knowing your Soul more, creating a deeper connection with yourself, and creating life long connections. I can tell it is less than a night at the movies.

Are you ready to support your own success?
Then say yes to the Success Support Program.

Email me at info@bloominggrove.net.


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