Hand Analysis

Hand Analysis

Your fingerprints are development by the 16th week of fetal development. They never change. The lines and even the shapes of your hands change. The fingerprints always remain the same.

Simply put fingerprints are an energy print of your souls’ purpose and lesson. A karmic map.

There are four types of pure prints: Arch, Tented Arch, Loop and Whorl and because not everyone’s fingerprint is exact, there are combinations of these.  A numerical value is given to each print, this value reveals your life purpose and lesson.

We send you out ink sheets for you to ink your hands and your finger prints and then Jennifer Urezzio conducts an analysis.  After that process is completed, you will be contacted to secure your 30 minute one-on-one (via phone) session with Jennifer.

During this session, Jennifer will share with you your life purpose and life lesson and provide insight in being and expressing more of your mission and less of your life lesson.  After the session, you receive an MP3 recording of the session and a detailed hand analysis report.

Investment: $150.00