Lisa Robbin Young

Lisa Robbin Young
Topic: The Business Action Hero: Understanding and Enjoying Your Journey as an Entrepreneur
Learn how to be your on business hero.

Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Peacemaker, AT: Monk, and Tone: Diplomat

“…look at the whole package to see the truth…” Lisa Robbin Young

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About Lisa
Lisa Robbin Young is the founder of The Renaissance Mom, LLC, a company that inspires leaders to achieve the impossible. An author, musician, business coach and mentor, Lisa brings a sharp, analytical mind to being an entrepreneur in today’s multi-tasking world. Her ability to brainstorm and break problems into their smallest parts earned her a prestigious position in The Governor’s Problem Solving Institute before she started high school.

A National Merit Scholar, Lisa prides herself on both book smarts and common sense. An award winning author, graphic artist and composer, Lisa has recorded two full-length albums, and published numerous articles, poems and literary works. She also built one of the first ever e-commerce websites in the early 1990′s. And her kitchen sink is still full of dishes from time to time.

Lisa is known for her direct, no-nonsense approach to helping entrepreneurs pin-point the obstacles that keep them from being successful. She pulls no punches and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Her breakthrough book “Home Party Solution” provides specific hands-on marketing training for direct sales consultants. Her new project, Business Action Hero, helps other entrepreneurs find elegantly simple solutions to improve their business.

Currently, she manages multiple online coaching programs for her clients as well as managing her own private coaching practice.