3 Ways To Avoid Whiplash From Control

December 19, 2008 by  

On Saturday, I over booked myself. Lunch with a friend in the city and then up to Westchester, NY to have dinner with my family. A lot of traveling in one day and on some tight timeframes.

I was late for lunch and stuck in the train. I was busy trying to control the situation by asking the train car to go faster. The train started moving, really moving. The train whipped around a corner and all the passengers (including myself) were tossed about like a beach ball at a rock concert.

Not fun! That’s when I remembered how “control” can really give you a good case of whiplash. For members, who have Languages that control can play a tricky part in (Conductor, Grace Warrior, Image Maker), this tip is for you!

Let me help. Blog Me!.

Watch the Soul Language video. My interview on Henry DelAngelo’s TV show. It was so much fun doing. Watch out for more video to come!

Tip of the Week

We have talked about that the only thing you can control is your reaction to situations. Trying to force someone or something to happen can cause you to suffer needlessly.

The Soul Language called the Conductor is all about bringing out individual’s talents. When an individual with this Soul Language is trying to control people or situations, instead of guiding and allowing people to shine, they will start barking out orders. This can alienate people.

Here are my suggestions to avoid control whiplash.

1. Check In — I noticed that we often work to control a situation in order to deal with certain painful emotions. When you begin to feel controlling, ask yourself what are you trying to avoid. A good exercise is to write down how you feel about the word control and see what your soul has to say.
2. The Control Pattern — Set the intention to notice the situations where your need for control pops up. Does this situation make you feel powerless? Pause and tell yourself that you are powerful and you are safe. Now, look at the situation with a new set of eyes.
3. What Are You Trying to Prove — Sometimes we look to others to tell us who we are. A good affirmation for this is simply, stating everyday, “I know who I am.”

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