3 Ways To Heal A Relationship

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We all have experienced at least one relationship that is not what we wanted.

Whether it be a parental relationship, a lover, a friend; the lingering pain can be causing you to repeat non-beneficial patterns, preventing you from finding the closeness you desire or still causing you to relive the pain.

It is the beginning of the holiday season and a great time to heal those relationships.

This is a subject that can bring forth a lot of questions for you. So please, please, please bring those questions forth. They can be submitted anonymously on my blog.

3 Ways to Heal A Relationship

The key to healing a relationship is not trying to change the other person. It is to coming into peace and alignment with want you want, what you receive and what the relationship truly is.

One of the most impactful relationships we will experience is the parental relationship. An amazing woman told me once that: a rock is hard, water is wet and your parents are just your parents.

Remember that each one of these tips are for YOU to help YOU heal. Please pass these tips on!

1. Find Commonalities — Often we focus on the differences. Write down five “things” you have in common. This exercise will help you to understand that we are all human. We all have faults, talents and abilities.
2. Be Thankful — Most humans learn by experience. Write down three things that you learned because of the relationship and how they have beneficially impacted your life. Read each one out loud, starting with the words “I’m thankful because I learned…”
3. Communicate — If you are interested in moving forward in the relationship. Write down what you want and want you are willing to provide. This will help you to communicate clearly with the person. Remember, just because you clearly communicate what you want, that person might not be able to provide it. It is important if you are going to proceed in the relationship that you accept that person for who they are and not who you want them to be.

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