Soul Language Identification
This 60-minute phone session will reveal your three Soul Languages, why they are important, what they mean, how you’re using them, and how you can start using them to create success in your life. You will get an audio recording of your session as well as written definitions and meaning of your three Soul Languages.

Business Soul Language Identification

During this 60-minute session, you will learn the Soul Languages of your business and how your personal Soul Languages are interacting with your business’ Soul Languages.

Having the Soul Languages of your business identified gives you a tool you can use to work with your metaphysical team on a daily basis.  You will begin to understand where you may not  been fully aligned with the mission of your business, what is fueling your business (fear or love) and how you could be taking it all way too personal.

Your business is a part of you yet has its own Soul — just like a child is part of its parent yet is a separate being.  After this session, you will have a better understanding of where you can start to nurture your business to grow, expand and be successful.

Creating the How Session
During this 90 minute session, we will create a structure to allow the how to be easier and for you to access Divine Inspiration more for yourself.  This session also comes with physical tools on helping you co-create with the Universe on the how.

Soul Language Integration Tools
This session includes the formal definitions of your three Soul Languages, an audio link of the session and several powerful Soul Language Integration Tools.  These resources will help you to create a conscious connection between you and your Soul (via your Soul Language team) daily.  These resources include:

  • Soul Integration Audio
  • Creating a Conscious Connection Everyday
  • Ego’s Games – 8 Things to Be Aware That Ego Will Do To Keep You From Expanding
  • Everyday Questions – A guide to starting a conversation with your Soul Language team(s)

One Month of The Success Support Program
This membership program is here to support your success and includes:

  • One group class per month on a spiritual topic to support your Success
  • Access to Jennifer Urezzio, the founder of Know Soul’s Language,  via email for support, guidance and accountability
  • NEW! Weekly Success Support Spiritual Intention Practice – this one a week audio will guide and support you in setting your intention, keeping focused on your connection and reinforce your own clarity

Investment: $797.00