Alissa Okrent

Lighten Up! How To Connect To Your Body and Soul To Receive


Alissa is passionate about supporting individuals in creating a conscious connection to their body with deep compassion, guiding individuals to form a profound appreciation for both the journey and experiences of life.

When resistance and challenge express itself through the phrase “I Can’t”, Alissa responds with a new possibility that encourages her clients to explore where they “can.”

She knows when we feel separated or disconnected from our body, our community, our heart, that is a signal to learn to trust your inner wisdom. Alissa knows for certain all answers lie within. She is committed to supporting and guiding clients in joyful ways to trust and know themselves, explore opportunities and be open to transformation.  This new-found relationship with trust creates instant confidence.

As a Soul Language Practitioner, Alissa utilizes her extensive background in fitness, mindfulness and yoga to gently guide and show individuals their authentic self.

Through her program, TRUST (T: truth; R: respect body, mind and soul; U: undeniable, know your gifts and talents; S: safety, in your body; T: transform)

TRUST is a foundational program and the core of all her work with clients. Clients often comment about how Alissa makes the learning and discovering yourself is a playful the process and how much lighter the feel after meeting with her. Her question she often asks is, are you ready to lighten up?