Amanda Moxley

Amanda Moxley
Topic: Moving Beyond Your Body Barrier
Learn to love your body.

Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Negotiator, AT: Master, Tone: Chieftain

“…the one thing I do to break down my body barrier is I love myself up…” Amanda Moxley

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About Amanda
Amanda Moxley is a Body Transformation Expert who coaches women and men on how to release excess weight naturally, without dieting or extreme measures.  Amanda personally transformed her OWN body from being overweight and unhealthy to her now ideal body. Amanda has an international holistic health coaching practice, guiding her clients through her 7 Steps to Release the Fat that’s Holding You Back system. Amanda is the top nutrition advisor for Healthy Utah magazine and ABC4  Amanda is a board-certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, certified social worker (CSW) and an award-winning business owner. She is an avid world traveler, having visited five continents, wife and mother.