Amy Beth O’Brien

amybethobrienAmy Beth O’Brien
Topic: Walking the Yellow Brick Road:  A Three-Act Plan for Transforming Your Life and Business
Personal Soul Language(s): AQ: Matriarch/Patriarch, AT: Lawmaker, and Tone: Captain

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About Amy:
Amy Beth O’Brien is the founder of Star in Your Own Life  She is passionate about helping women step into their starring role as a leader in business and in life.  Her books and programs are designed to help us to overcome challenges, achieve our dreams, and become our best selves.  She is a 4-time award-winning author of a relationship book, mind/body yoga teacher, and certified coach.  Amy has over two decades of experience working the public and private sectors as a manager, trainer, and consultant.  She is the author of Star in Your Own Life Story, Overcome Obstacles, Achieve Your Dreams, and Become Your Best Self.