Ann Thomas

Ann Thomas
Topic: Smashing Your Inner Glass Ceiling to Receive the Spotlight
Personal Soul Language(s): AQ: Mentor, AT: Huntress, and Tone: Heartfelt Artist
Business Soul Language(s): AQ: Mentor, AT: Lawmaker, and Tone: Disillusionist

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How to Smash Your Inner Glass Ceiling: The First Prong


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101 Affirmations for Radical Self Love book
The Evolving Goddess Workbook
Meditations to Boost Self-Confidence and Self Esteem CD
30-minute Coaching Session with Ann

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About Ann
Ann Thomas, Esq., CPCC, is a certified life coach and founder of Evolving Goddess, a company devoted to teaching women around the world how to connect with their divinity and love and accept themselves unconditionally and without judgment so that they can be happy, feel at peace, and create a magnificent life. Ann shows women how to take 100% personal responsibility for their lives, actions, and emotions, which becomes the catalyst for their personal empowerment.

Through her retreats, workshops, coaching programs, and products, Ann challenges each of her clients to become a “life activist” — meaning, an activist on behalf of their own lives. She also offers specific programs for women of color and lesbian and bisexual women that target the impact of systemic discrimination on self-love and self-esteem.

As a lesbian of color born to Indian immigrant parents and a sexual assault survivor, Ann knows first-hand the devastating impact lack of self-love and self-acceptance can have. As a result of persevering through years of despair, she has found a way to live a happy and empowered life by consistently doing the work. Today, Ann lives a life she loves — she left a prestigious career in law to pursue her passion, has an adorable dog, and great friends. And, she remains dedicated to her personal growth work, which isn’t easy. Ann uses her experiences to help other women in a loving and compassionate, yet no-nonsense, way.