Ask and you shall receive. Right? – Guest Blogger Carolyn Herfurth

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Carolyn’s Languages and Business Soul Language IDs are:
Personal Languages are: AQ: Observer AT: Motivator  Tone: Escalator
Business Languages are: AQ: Prophet, AT:  Motivator Tone: Capitalist

It’s likely you’ve heard the verse, “Ask and you shall receive.”

Wouldn’t it be great if the same thing applied in selling your services?

Hi, I’m Carolyn. What’s your name?


Nice to meet you, Jill. Would you like to buy from me?


Yes?  Great, I take cash and all major credit cards. How would you like to pay me?

You dream about that, don’t you?  Admit it!  There are days I do, there’s no denying it.

Instead, entrepreneurs tell me they have a helluva time making “asks” throughout the stages of their sales cycle.

Why? Because there are things that come before that ask, besides getting a name.

And in my 20+ years of sales and 10 years of business ownership experience selling my own services, I’ve mastered the “art” of it.

There are things that happen before asking for the business. Things that serve you and your potential client.  (Because you don’t want to get stuck working with the wrong clients, do you?)

One of those things is getting your head screwed on straight. If that’s not set, nothing else is going to work well for you.

Another is being crystal clear on exactly who your ideal client is, where to find her, how to follow up, how to get an appointment and how to have a conversation about what you can do to help her… without boring her or scaring her off.

It’s about knowing how to talk to her in a way she can hear you. And then being able to talk about your fees and ask for the business with grace and confidence.

There are nuances to it, just like art.

If you want to create a masterpiece of a business, mastering sales must be part of your picture.

Unless the “hi-may-I-have-your-credit-card-number” schtick works for you, I invite you to join me for a free training call on Wednesday, March 7th at 1pm EST to learn about the “Art of the Ask”.  You’ll learn about how to engage and earn your prospect’s business.

Just go to to register.

Let’s create your Masterpiece, Entrepreneur!


After helping launch 100 businesses in seven years, Carolyn Herfurth felt helpless as she watched 80% of her clients struggle with sales and saw the havoc it wreaked on their personal, financial and business lives. It pissed her off enough that she walked away from her multiple six-figure business to start The Biztruth.

She is based out of New York City and now boosts the sales confidence of entrepreneurs who go on to earn an additional 4 to 5 figures each month. Carolyn specializes in working with small business owners who are super talented but need help figuring out how to sell themselves without feeling sleazy. She had to figure it out for herself when she made the transition from corporate America to starting her first business 10 years ago, so she “gets it” and shows you a way to simplify it.

She believes business, like life, is meant to be enjoyed!

You can find her at


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