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Soul-Soulful Questions and Soulful Advice  
I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of questions in life. I like knowledge and sharing that knowledge. This column is a place to answer questions that you have about spirituality, Soul, success, etc. You can submit a question here.


Dear Jennifer,
What’s the difference between receiving and allowing?
Spiritually Stifled in NYC

Dear Spiritually Stifled,
Great question! Spiritually, I believe they both mean to take in, to hold, to contain. The difference, I feel, between receiving and allowing is this: when we truly allow something we permit it. It is like everything in our being is on board with taking that thing or situation in…Now imagine when you combine those two words…I am willing and able to allow myself to receive.

What would your “taking in” process be like then?

Thanks again for the great question and I trust that supports you.

Dear Jennifer,
I love questions to ask myself throughout the day. What easy tools, affirmations, and/or questions can you offer as a daily activity?
Love to Create, LA

Dear Love to Create,
It is important that, whatever daily activity you decide to do, it fits in with your lifestyle. If you are a morning girl, I suggest you conduct your connection practice in the morning or if you stay up late, then conduct these tools and tips then….The point of these activities is to create a more intimate relationship between you, your Soul and your higher power (God, Divine, Tree, Mother/Father, etc).

The simplest question you can ask your Soul and the Divine, every day, is “What do I need to know in this space and time?”

Another expansion activity I suggest is noticing how you are using the I AM statement. The I AM statement acts like a command for your body and the universe. Think of it like this. When you use I AM, you are putting a stake in the ground and claiming that thing to be 100% true always. Often, we use the I AM in places that do not support our desires. For example, I AM broke. Is that 100% true now and forever? Do you want that to be true for all time? Simply noticing how you use that statement will help you to be a more powerful creator.

I trust that will support you!