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Asked and Answered by Soul – Soulful Questions and Soulful Advice

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of questions in life. I like knowledge and sharing that knowledge. This column is a place to answer questions that you have about spirituality, Soul, success, etc. You can submit a question here.

Dear Jennifer:
What are some of the symptoms of up leveling? And why are some of them so intense?

Maria Gamb

Dear Maria:
Really amazing questions! Some of the signs that you are in the throes of expansion might be:
• Feeling unmotivated
• Feeling distressed
• Feeling that there is something bigger for you, out there, or to be done
• Feeling dissatisfied
• Feelings of lack
• Feelings of heartbreak
• Suffering of any kind

The fact of the matter is that we are always expanding and at times those signals can be more amplified than others. We all have our own individual way of responding to an up leveling (or expansion). I, personally, try to fix what I believe is broken (how easily I forget that I am whole and complete), while others might shut down.

I suggest that people try to remember that there is gold on the other side of the struggles. That you are choosing to expand, and to activate safety within them (Divine Intelligence fill my body with the knowing that I am safe). At times, seeking a resource to support your expansion is smart, especially if you keep asking the same questions of yourself and are getting the same answers.

Resistance is futile, and if you know that you are safe as you change and expand, then every challenge is met with more grace.

Dear Jennifer:
Sometimes family members inadvertently make us feel badly — stirring up old hurts, whether that’s intentional or not. How can I stay grounded in positive self-esteem so I don’t reopen a wound that’s healing?

Jaimie Luminitsa Catherine Cura

Dear Jaimie:
My first suggestion is to change your mindset around the words “make us feel.” I know it is hard to remember that no one can make you feel anything. By claiming this power over your emotions, you are on your way to being more grounded and really healing the wounds of your family of origin.

I also recommend that you go into any family situation with a strategy. What energetic tools are you using to keep their energy separate from yours? What affirmation can you use to reinforce that you are loved, supported, whole and complete?

It is ok to feel those emotions that people call negative … it is what you do with them that counts. Are you going to be ruled by them or are you going to see them as just emotions and not your essential nature?

When things get really tough for me in moments of conflict, I ask Divine Intelligence to align body and Soul, and then reach out to the Divine and ask to be showered with love. I trust this supports you.

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