Carolyn Herfurth

CHerfurthCarolyn Herfurth
Topic: Align, Design & Shine: Set Yourself Up For Success in the Spotlight
Personal Soul Language(s): AQ: Observer, AT: Motivator, and Tone: Escalator
Business Soul Languages(s): AQ: Prophet, AT: Motivator, and Tone: Capitalist

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Business Design Lab:
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About Carolyn:
Carolyn Herfurth spent her first 7 years as an entrepreneur playing a hand in the launch of 100 franchise businesses.

Today, as a Business Development Strategist, she specializes in working with action taking small business owners and service professionals who are super talented and 100% committed to growth. To speed up the “earning curve”, she helps them package, price and sell their services to support their personal, financial and lifestyle goals.

Since founding The Biztruth in 2010, she has joyfully equipped hundreds of entrepreneurs to consistently sign 4-, 5- and 6-figure deals, fill their practices and programs, and gain a calm confidence about selling their services – despite the vulnerability they feel and demands that they experience “singing for their supper”.

She believes that life is short and biz can be tricky, so dare to find and live your truth!