Christine Clifton

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Topic: Ditch the Pitch and Embrace Your Grace:  4 Messaging Keys to Grow Your Community with Ease!
Personal Soul Language(s): AQ: Negotiator, AT: Image Maker, and Tone: Olympian

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Kiss your Stress Goodbye! eWorkbook:
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About Christine:
Christine Clifton is a surThriver:  a southern woman living in a northern land; the only girl in a family full of boys; an articulate and social introvert; and a practical spiritualist.  She never really felt like she fit in, yet she tried to – her whole life.  While highly successful in her 20+ year corporate career, she suffered half of those years with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, a sure sign that something didn’t quite fit.

Now in her 6th year of entrepreneurship, Christine has found health and a true purpose that fits:  holding the space for the person behind the service business to come forth more naturally into their work and into their service to their community.

After doing so, they see their full value, find their own voice, promote themselves confidently – and sustainably grow themselves and their business.