Coming Back From Financial Heartbreak

Best. Money. Class. Ever. And you can quote me!

Cari Vollmer

This three-part series is designed to provide direction and strategy to rebuild your wealth consciousness and abilities after experiencing any financial heartbreak – whether it be:

  • bankruptcy
  • a great financial loss
  • not paying your bills on time
  • deep feelings of not receiving what you paid for
  • feeling like you are always robbing Peter to pay Paul
  • a deep struggle with your relationship with money all your life
  • broken trust in money transactions
  • addictive behaviors around money

As painful as those experiences are (and we’ve experienced them too), all that is happening is that you feel separate from your own wealth consciousness, your own connection with Source. When we feel separate from our higher power, one of the ways that separation shows up in our daily life is through issues with money.

We have heard it all before: “money is only energy,” “what you focus on expands,” and “open to the possibilities.” AND it is hard to move into those areas of consciousness when the pain and shame are still having their way with you.

We (Jennifer Bloome and Jennifer Urezzio) want to share with you both energetic and tangible tools to come back from this financial heartbreak, so you can bring life back into your world.

What we have come to understand is that there isn’t any one more power-filled act that you can take than to surrender and forgive.

As you surrender your past “mistakes”, your present pain with money, your judgments of yourself, your judgments of others’ money stories, and all the pain to the Divine, you are opening the door to your most connected, most plugged in, most conscious and abundant Self. Abundance is directly related to self-love. It is hard to love yourself with a broken heart over your past “mistakes.”

What will you learn and experience during these three classes? You will

  • Understand the decision or belief that created this heartbreak and be able to let it go and stop reliving it over and over again
  • Understand how to begin and continue healing the “wound” that is causing this conflict with your wealth consciousness
  • Understand how to remember and act from a place of power with money
  • Receive a deep healing around the shame issues from this heartbreak
  • Receive a new-found relationship with your current outstanding money obligations
  • Receive an action plan to improve your wealth consciousness
  • Receive a deep healing around the way you have been receiving and a new understanding on how to be a “great receiver”
  • Be in a new consciousness of love for yourself and start to utilize that consciousness in all areas of your live

What will your return on investment be for these classes?

So we have always disliked that phrase “return on investment”, and then something we read clicked.  This is from Karen Monroy, “Why spend energy if it isn’t returning energy to you?”

So we want to let you know (as far as we can predict because the Divine is at work here) what we believe will be the “return on investment.”

  • You will no longer feel like a victim around money and that heartbreak
  • You will have a bunch of tangible tools (meditations and worksheets) to keep guiding you to come back from this heartbreak and expand your wealth consciousness
  • You will have an on-going tool via Soul Language and Money to continue to help you choose consciousness around money
  • You will have additional resources to help you take responsibility, budget (in an unlimited way) and work with both tangible and spiritual tools of money
  • You will be a more loving, forgiving person with yourself

What are you paying for?

  • Three 60-minute interactive virtual classes and the recordings
  • Receive one of your Money Soul Languages and the conscious/unconscious money patterns associated with that language via a 15 minute no-charge identification session (and if you haven’t had your Soul Languages read, you can also receive one identification via a no-charge discovery session prior to the call series)

Taking Responsibility – During this class, we will talk about where you are “leaking” energy and handing over your power to open money issues and outstanding physical, spiritual, emotional and mental “owing” where money is concerned.
Understanding, Voicing and Accepting Your Heartbreak – This is where we understand the decision made prior to the heartbreak, release the pain and the shame, and give voice to this experience.
Stepping, Creating and Receiving Into the Possibility of Unlimited Wealth Consciousness -This is where we help create your internal and external action plan to be and experience abundance.

  • A worksheet that will help reprogram your brain in regard to your relationship with money and utilize the infinite power within to build and create your wealth consciousness
  • Receive the conscious and unconscious money patterns one of your Soul Languages (and if you haven’t had your Soul Languages read, you can receive one identification via a no-charge discovery session prior to the call series)

Investment: $37 per month for three months or $111 one payment

On Monday, February 6th,  13th and 20th at 4:30 pm PT/6:30 pm CT/7:30 pm ET

 $111.00 (one-time payment)

$37.00 (three monthly payments)