Community Building Initiative

Below are the members of this Initiative.

Amanda Moxley
Body Transformational Expet
Amanda coaches women and men on how to lose the last stubborn 10-20 pounds naturally, without dieting or extreme measures. Amanda has an international holistic health coaching practice, guiding her clients through her 7 Steps to Release the Fat that’s Holding You Back system.
Languages: AQ:Negotiator, AT:Master and T:Chieftain

Beth Williams
Forward Focus
Beth brings 18 years of sales, marketing, management and human development experience to the coaching and training profession.
Languages: AQ:Observer, AT:Motivator and T:Olympian
Forward Focus Languages: AQ:Politician, AT:Master and T:Driver

Debra Woog
She provides clients to prosper by leading purposeful, passionate lives in joyful alignment with their priorities.
Languages: AQ:Observer, AT:Master and T:Conductor

Laura Hollick
Soul Art Studio
Laura Hollick is an award winning artist and shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art® studio, a business devoted to guiding people to connect with their spirit and create a life and business that expresses it.
Languages: AQ:Politician, AT:Image Maker and T:Conductor
Soul Art Studio Languages: AQ: Prophet, AT: Nurturer and T: Disillusionist

Matt O’Grady
Harmonia Media
Bringing Harmony to your business
Marketing specialist
Languages: AQ:Avatar, AT:Purveyor and T:Speaker of God
Harmonia Media Languages: AQ:Observer, AT:Master, T:Closer

Natasha Allrich
Natasha helps individuals to soulfully enroll clients quickly and easily into your business.
Languages: AQ:Matriarch, AT:Partner and T:Guardian

Stephanie Solaris
Solaris Whole Health
Stephanie is the Director of Solaris Whole Health, brings 14 years of scientific background and a decade of holistic experiences and training to her practice as a Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor.
Languages: AQ:Peacemaker, AT:Image Maker and T:Evolver