Conscious Amplification Virtual Workshop

Being with someone who shares a Soul Language in common with you provides rich opportunity for accelerated growth and progress.*

It provides each of you with a bigger power source to utilize to create and manifest.   Everything is impacted! Everything grows bigger (bigger fears, bigger doubts, bigger power structure, bigger dreams, etc.).

However sometimes it can feel as if you are driving along and you notice someone is moving into your lane. You swerve, you try not to get off track; you have to keep both hands on the wheel.

We are offering support for the Soul Language community with the Conscious Amplification virtual workshop.

During this two-hour virtual workshop you will learn the following:

  • The different types of amplification for the different Language categories
  • The conscious and unconscious amplification for the different Language categories
  • How to create strong energy strong and healthy energy boundaries to support you and the space that you hold with this individual
  • How to get out of the tail-spin of unconscious amplification
  • How to utilize the amplification for faster manifestation
  • How to hold your power in each other’s presence, to be both a powerful individual and a powerful team
  • How to avoid getting stuck or derailing each other
  • How to accept and honor each other ‘s unique expression of the language(s) you share
  • Ways you can serve each other and be served at the same time

What you will “walk away” with:

  • Feeling a deep sense of peace and support
  • Feeling you have the tools to create empowered choices and decisions
  • Tools you can utilize because they are personal to you
  • A better understanding of the big picture of this relationship
  • Clarity about how to utilize your gifts and the gifts of another without struggle

You will have a greater ability to be laser-focused and clear when working with others who share your language.  This workshop is designed to support conscious creation in every aspect of your life.  Understanding more about how you utilize your Soul Languages and how others are utilizing their Soul Languages is paramount to creating a successful life.

Tuesday, September 27th at 5:30 pacific/6:30/mountain/8:30 eastern

Investment: $47 per person $80 per couple

Number of Virtual Seats

*This is true for individuals who share a Soul Language in common with their business.