Embodying Your Core Desire

“Jennifer’s class, Embodying Your Core Desire, has been life changing. Just within one hour, I experienced a huge energy shift while going through her exercise. When I attended, I felt out of alignment with myself so often. Overwhelm took over due to having too much going on. After the class, I knew I was doing the absolute opposite to what my core desire is. I was able to put it into words, which made it even more tangible. Now I have it hung up on my wall as a reminder for every single day. I can’t express my gratitude toward Jennifer enough. She is doing amazing work. Thank you, Jennifer!
Isabel Hundt – www.isabelhundt.com

The intention of this class is to understand, express and embody your core desire, so you may begin to create and receive this core desire in every aspect of your life and business.

You are already attempting to do this…mostly unconsciously. When we create clarity and intention and expect our greatest to manifest, it usually does.

Also, this core desire is part of your sacred purpose here. It is something that you selected to experience and then share that knowledge of that experience with others – and that is one of the core reasons why you get to accept this core desire.

Identifying and understanding your core desire (personal and the core desire of the business) is so important, because when you put words to it, then you can claim it and move toward it.

You have been trying to move toward it already. You might as well do it on a conscious level.

What will you “get out of this class”?

  • You will understand your core desire (personal and business).
  • You will learn how to move more into the unlimited power of that Soulful desire.
  • You will receive the 8 guidelines to embodying this core desire(s) and to manifesting it.

“The Core Desire class is AWESOME!
I enjoyed everything from the re-frame of fear to the exercises.

Karin Malbrough

Details: March. 19th a 12:00 pm eastern/11:00 am central/9:00 am pacific

This class is a 60-minute class, and you will receive a replay of the class.

Call-in details will be sent after investment is received.

Investment: $37

“As someone who as been working with the power of Soul Language for over 4 years, both personally and related to business, I was blown away by the depth of clarity and laser focus this 60 minute class provided me. Although my connection to each of my different soul languages has grown significantly over the years – I had still struggles to pull them all together to work as a synergistic team. This class unlocked how to make that happen clearly, quickly and consistently. I am so excited to go even deeper with the power of Soul Language as I integrate and embody more fully my soul’s core desire across everything I do and co-create.”
– Aime Miyamoto