Creating A Happy Holiday Is Your Choice

Are you feeling overwhelmed and depressed?  Are you anxious about spending the holidays with your family?  Are you grieving for the loss of a loved one?

Below are three tools to add to your toolbox this holiday season.  These tools will be expanded on during my “Creating A Happy Holiday Is Your Choice” teleclass on December 17th at 7:00 p.m. (ET).

Checking Your List

This past Sunday, I spent some time with one of my closest friends, wrapping presents.  It took the two of us four hours to do this project.  I could only imagine what it would have been like for her to do it alone.

At the end of the week, she is off on a business trip and I know she is judging herself  for certain choices she has made.  She is an amazing mother and a powerhouse when it comes to her career, but these judgments are preventing her from creating a happy holiday for herself.

Here’s the tool: It’s time to place yourself on the list.  Each day take a minute to create a conscious connection with your Soul and determine what your Soul, body and mind desire each day.  You can create a conscious connection by grounding and centering yourself and connecting to one of your Soul Languages, or grounding and centering yourself and then setting the intention to connect to your higher-self. Then you GET to do those things for yourself with love and with joy.  This will allow you to replenish your reserves when you are feeling tried and overwhelmed.

Lost and Found

No one, and I mean no one, can tell you how to grieve.  You know (even if you aren’t aware) how much time and what is needed in this process.  What I can do is to give you another tool in your toolbox that you can tap into when you are feeling overcome with loss during the holiday season.

Here’s the tool: This is the time to remember that  love is never lost. Set the intention to create a conscious connection to your Soul (via your Soul Languages, or the technique mention in the tool above). Now, feel in your body, with the help of your Soul, your love for this individual.  Allow that love to wash away the overwhelming sadness.  It is important that you allow yourself to feel and to grieve.  You can also give yourself permission to feel the joy and love of the season.

Family Get-togethers

I know someone who refers to her family get-togethers as “boxing matches.”  Most family conflict is generated because of expectations and non-acceptance.  If you have a lifestyle, profession or vocation that is drastically different from how you were raised, it can lead to feelings of low self-worth, and resentment. Remember, you cannot change any family member.  All you can do is align how you feel inside.

Here’s the tool: Before you sit down at the holiday table, take the time to create your own value list.  This is a list of your talents, your worth, and your power.  Anytime during the holidays, if someone says something that conflicts with that list, take a breath and recite the list in your head, or excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to look in the mirror and recite it aloud.   I suggest that you also create lists for those family members that really, really annoy you.  When those feelings start to pop up, thank them and then run through your list for that individual.

The following will be covered in the December 17th teleclass:

  • The stories you have been telling yourself that are allowing you to choose holiday pain instead of holiday bliss
  • Tools to release the pain and move into bliss
  • Tools to let go of family expectations and receive the love and support you long for
  • Tools that you can utilize to transform your life beyond the holiday season

How do you know if the class is for YOU?

  • You are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or lost
  • You are ready to transform your life and feel the changes right away
  • You want to enjoy your life to its fullest, but currently you are not!


The 60 minute teleclass is $57

The first 20 people to sign up receive a 20 minute session with ME to create their holiday enjoyment strategy!