Discovery Session for Rich and Prosperous Women

Challenges with money start from within; often we feel not enough, not of value, unsupported internally and then experience those beliefs externally.

So to realign your relationship with money, let’s realign your relationship with yourself and your connection. Understanding one of your Soul Languages will help you claim your value, receive more, understand your inner resources so you can start receiving in every part of your life.

We are so excited that you are interested in understanding your value by listening to the truth of it, via your Soul.

This FREE session will be an introduction to Soul Language & one of your personal Soul Languages may be identified to help you understand your value and your relationship with money. Conducted via phone.

There are several Soul Language Practitioners (including the founder) that offer a Discovery Session. To determine which one is in alignment with you, we created the following “quiz” to support you, which you can take here.

Also, the following practitioners are specialists surrounding this topic and have been made available to the women of this event. 

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome helps you remember how to create from the inside-out.  Most of us were taught to push and strive and manipulate external factors to create.  Jennifer shows you how to use your Inner Capital to create. The beautiful part of this is that when you create from your Inner Capital, the success you achieve is in complete alignment with your heart and soul.  Your whole system knows how to do this; it’s just been hidden behind thoughts, beliefs and experiences you’ve gathered during your human experience.  Using a variety of energy medicine tools and Soul Language, Jennifer will help you identify and release the blocks which keep you from utilizing and creating from your Inner Capital.  Jennifer works with people on all kinds of creations from babies to financial prosperity.

Personal Soul Languages:  Pioneer (AQ), Huntress (AT), Capitalist (Tone)
Business Soul Languages: Elemental (AQ), Huntress (AT), Connoisseur (Tone)

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FinalJen2011Jennifer Urezzio, founder and spiritual director of Soul Language, specializes in helping people connect — to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. Often we have challenges in our outer world (not enough time, not enough money, etc) because we feel disconnected and not enough inside. Jennifer, supports you feeling full and connected internally so this can take shape externally.

Personal Soul Languages:  Equalizer (AQ), Teacher of Integrity (AT), Graceful Warrior (Tone)
Business Soul Languages: Counselor (AQ), Heart Consciousness (AT), Collaborator (Tone)

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*One Discovery Soul Language Session per individual.