Domenica Papalia

Domenica Papalia
Topic: Reclaiming Your Life Of Possibility, Power & Purpose
Learn how you are using your sacred power and how to reclaim it!

We all are gifted with the grace of sacred power every day. None of us get any more than anyone else, none of us have to prove it, none of us have to earn it…” Domenica Papalia

Personal Soul Languages: (AQ) Mentor, (AT) Nurturer and (Tone) Connoisseur
Business Soul Languages: (AQ) Peacemaker, (AT) Motivator and (Tone) Deliberator

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Embracing Your Sacred Feminine Meditation

About Domenica
The women who are drawn to Domenica’s work are awakening to their Sacred Feminine Power, and have a deep desire to live their Soul’s Purpose and share their gifts and message with the world. The Sacred Feminine is a journey of finding one’s voice and one’s power and releasing any resistance to sharing those unique and sacred gifts,  while embracing the confidence to  “stand up, be heard and be seen” as the  visionary leaders that they ARE.

Domenica uses her intimate knowledge and intuitive understanding of the body/mind relationship – assessing women’s personal energy system within minutes. Her innate ability to pinpoint where power is being lost is a true gift.

She is motivated by her deep desire to take women on a journey into the full greatness of their being, and by doing so, giving them the ability to release any resistance to creating a more inspired, prosperous and purpose-filled life. This desire led her into the study of Mind Body Energy principles, where she discovered that all relationships and situations can only be transformed and healed from the inside out.

She is an inspiring, authentic teacher and communicator who lives by the guiding principles of the Sacred Feminine.  Domenica has the ability to blend humor, enthusiasm and fun into a refreshingly practical approach to the transformational process. She delights in teaching women how to be the source of power in their own life, and for over a decade has been a sought after speaker and facilitator. She is a recognized expert, choosing to specialize in mentoring and supporting women to step into their full power of the Sacred Feminine, and to live the greatest expression of their being in alignment with their Soul’s Purpose.

Domenica’s teachings of Mind Body Energy principles are complimented by her more than 12 national and international accreditations. Her experience is grounded with more than 10 years of helping women all over the world, as she mentors and supports them to awaken to their own authentic Feminine Power and prosperity.

Inspired by her love of travel, she now spends her time travelling, teaching, and sharing the energetic principles essential to creating a purposeful and prosperous life.  She lives the beach life she has always dreamed of, with her husband Andrew and daughter Madeline (and an array of wild birds).

Domenica offers a wide range of programs and services including her foundational Signature Program on “Awakening to Authentic Feminine Power & Prosperity”, intimate Mastermind programs and Platinum Mentoring Programs.  You can contact her at  She is always delighted to connect with women all over the world.