Power, Love And Money – Creating A Love Triangle That Really Works

Best. Money. Class. Ever. And you can quote me!

Cari Vollmer

About Coming Back From Financial Heartbreak

The three biggest challenges we see in our communities are challenges around power, love and money. What we notice is that they are so interlocking that it is time to create a relationship that is truly sustainable.

This three-part series is designed to provide strategy, direction, and a more powerful relationship around money and how it relates to power and love.

In teaching our last class – Coming Back From Financial Heartbreak – we noticed that as people started healing their heartbreak, patterns were showing up about how they reflect their misconceptions about power and love in their relationship with money.

How do you know if this series is for you? Do you:

  • Feel “beaten down” or “taken” by money?
  • Worry about being taken advantage of by others, especially in relationship to money?
  • Find yourself blaming money (I would do “x”, if only I had enough money)?
  • Feel “less than” because you aren’t contributing the kind of money you would like in your relationship?
  • Feel like money controls your destiny?
  • Constantly ask others to discount their services?
  • Get nervous if you aren’t able to give in ways you’ve given before?
  • Find yourself buying presents to end an argument?
  • Feel like money is “outside” of you, as if you have no control over how much flows in/out of your life?
  • Judge others by how much they charge for their work?
  • Worry what others will think if you have too nice of a car/house/clothes etc.?
  • Find your self-confidence/self-esteem or belief in your purpose nosedive if money stops flowing?

We (Jennifer Bloome and Jennifer Urezzio) want to share with you both energetic and tangible

This is Alissa Okrent of www.confidencecompass.com manifested this morning as I began to draft a business plan.......

This is what Alissa Okrent of www.confidencecompass.com
manifested this morning as she began to draft a business plan.

tools to create a true reflection of love and power – which should be that you are unlimited, and it is safe to be loved and be your powerful self. Everything else is a choice to move away from love or limit your power.

What will you learn and experience during these three classes? You will:

  • Understand where you are out of love for yourself and where it is showing up in your money relationship.
  • Understand how you have been using money to prove you are loved or to prove to someone that they are loved.
  • Understand how you have been using money to prove that the Divine does or doesn’t love you.
  • Understand how you have been hiding your power in your struggle with money.
  • Understand how to heal the wounds of the ways that you feel money has been used to “make you feel” powerless.

What will your return on investment be for these classes?

As with anything that it comes to with money, your return on investment is key to maintain your feelings of harmony and support with money. For this series, that is crucial.

So we want to let you know (as far as we can predict, because the Divine is at work here) what we believe will be the “return on investment”:

  • You will no longer use money as a tool to reflect your feelings of powerlessness or lack of love.
  • You will know and accept more of your own power and know that you are profoundly loved.
  • You will be able to step into neutrality with money and create from a foundation of trust.
  • You will have a bunch of tangible tools (meditations and worksheets) to keep guiding you to expressing this powerful new relationship triangle with money.
  • You will have one of your Soul Languages and money identified (if you haven’t had this information identified already).
  • You will have additional resources to help you express unlimited love and power in your relationship with money. These tools are both tangible and spiritual tools of money.

What are you paying for?

– Three 60-minute interactive virtual classes and the recordings.

What’s Love Got To Do With It (Money)?
In this class, we begin the process of returning money to its natural neutral state. We will untangle where you have confused money with Divine and human love and deepen your ability to plug into the true source of Love.

What’s Power Go To Do With It (Money)?
Unhook from every level of experience you have with power and money: mass consciousness, family of origin, personal experience. Learn the true essence of power that money contains. Get comfortable with using your own power in relationship to money.

Creating Your Relationship Money Triangle That Truly Reflects Abundance And Divinity
Now that money is more neutral for you, you’ll build your new relationship, the new flow between power, love and money. You will get to experience what this new relationship feels like, so you can continue to create in your life from here.

– A worksheet that will help reprogram your brain in regard to your relationship with money, love and power.

– Receive the conscious and unconscious money patterns of one of your Soul Languages (and if you haven’t had your Soul Languages read, you can receive one identification via a no-charge discovery session prior to the call series).

– A power love triangle mediation, which will help you embody the feeling state of your new relationship with power, love and money, deepening your understanding of this new relationship and communicating it to the Universe.

Monday, October 27th at 4:30 pm PT/6:30 pm CT and 7:30 pm ET
Monday, November 3rd at 4:30 pm PT/6:30 pm CT and 7:30 pm ET
Monday, November 10th at 4:30 pm PT/6:30 pm CT and 7:30 pm ET

$111 full payment

$37 per month for three months