Soul Language Satori Game

Are you ready to forgive?  Are you ready to have fun forgiving? Are you ready to play the Radical Forgiveness board game — Satori?

On March 2nd at 7:00 pm (Eastern), 6:00 pm (Central) and 4:00 pm (Pacific) the Soul Language Community has an amazing opportunity to create forgiveness!

Move your token by turns from Victimland through the awakening process to reach Satori where you proclaim your New Story.  It’s like a transformational Candyland!  You move through the game, shifting how you see an event in your life.  The event you play is drawn randomly at the beginning of the game from the Event and Context decks.

You’ll be surprised how the cards you draw mirror your life’s experiences and feelings.  You’ll get the same shift in energy that all of the Radical Forgiveness tools generate – with the added benefits of more interaction, conversation, laughter and surprises.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.  You’ll gain new insights and energy.

What makes this experience so unique is:

  • To play this amazing game with the support of your Community members
  • To play this game with a facilitator trained by the creator — Regina Reiter (Soul Language Community Member: AQ: Politician, AT: Image Maker and Tone: Evolver)
  • To play at a special Soul Language investment rate — just $30 (normal investment $45)

I’m ready to playfully reveal beliefs and patterns that drive my life’s drama, if your ready secure your spot today.

Game Details:

  • On March 2nd at 7:00 pm (Eastern), 6:00 pm (Central) and 4:00 pm (Pacific)
  • Each player receives the board image and graphics via email
  • Game lasts two hours
  • Special Investment rate: $30
  • There are only 6 places at the virtual table.

Secure Your Seat for Radical Forgiveness board game — Satori

Here’s what others have experienced playing Satori:

I thought about the game all day Sunday – how things fell into place after initially thinking, “oh this story doesn’t fit me.”  It seems that everyone at the table thought that at first, but it all came together and felt very powerful, not just my own story, but seeing how it worked for others, as well!  Thank you!  We enjoyed it very much! “  AKG

Very revealing. I didn’t know it would be so much fun.”  EW

I didn’t expect the evening to be what it turned out to be. What happened in the game was a wonderful surprise. I almost don’t have the words to tell you how great it was. Here’s what comes to mind: Cleansing. Communion. Completion. Thank you.” –LD

“Satori sounds like a dessert, but really it’s a very powerful tool. “ JL

I feel that playing Satori often with my wife gives me a safe way to express my hostility toward her. It has been an outlet for feelings that are very deep and heartfelt.  At the same time, the game has required of me that I examine parts of myself that I find challenging, particularly the benefits that drive my victim story.  The game brings my victim story to the fore where I can choose to hang onto it or not.”  JR

In the game, I realized that I have a choice about something I didn’t think I could choose. “ BH

It’s like a miracle to me. Every time I play I learn, learn, learn, so much.  Thank you for Satori. “  -CS

Information about the game facilitator

Regina Reiter is our facilitator for the game.  She’ll be drawing the cards for each player as they move through the Satori journey.   Regina was trained by Colin Tipping, creator of Radical Forgiveness and by Deb Untermann, who made the game specifically for a Radical Forgiveness experience.

Regina has played the game herself dozens of times, alone, in groups, and with her husband and family members.  Using this powerful tool, Regina has transformed her stories of unworthiness, rejection, and betrayal to new stories of self respect, integrity, and compassion.

Satori Games is a division of Forgiveness Walks, LLC, empowering women to walk into their dreams.  For more about other programs and dreams, see our website at:

For a taste of Satori in action see the video here.