Soul Language Classes

There is so much wisdom within the Soul Language community and our Soul Language Practitioners are dedicated to providing you with tools that you can utilize to connect and transform your life, which creates tangible results.

This month’s classes are taught by Eilis Philpott.  You can learn more about Eilis by clicking here and below.

How Does Your Birth Impact Your Consciousness and Soul?
Understanding your experience in the womb and how it may impact you today

Consciousness does not begin at birth – it begins at conception. Life in the womb and birth experiences have affected the way we create and interact with the world.

When we are “in utero” we are growing and developing from a single egg to a multi system being.  Our time inside our mother and how she nurtured and cared for herself (and us) greatly influence our growth.  Ideally, you felt loved and nurtured, wanted and adored.  Your parents had a healthy relationship and any potential toxins were avoided.  

The process of birth itself also has a great impact.  Your birth is your first experience of independent life and as such, many patterns (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) are stored in the cells of the body as well as the energy bodies.  

Any trauma significant or small during this time can be triggered in later life when under stress and we begin to struggle.

In this class we will look at potential patterns that may occur which may affect our conscious or unconscious use of our Soul.  We will look at some specific examples and correlations, and how working consciously with your Soul (via your Soul Language team) can help heal and clear these patterns.

DATE: November 15th at 9 am PT, 10 am MT, 11 am CT, noon ET

Investment: $46.00


Eilis Mcnulty Philpott
Fairfield, CT

Eilis is the owner of Soul Healing Journey, LLC and has been a healing practitioner for 20+ years.

She helps people understand who they are at a soul level. Using various modalities she supports them in clearing those patterns that are preventing them from expressing themselves at that core level. With this healing Eilis’ clients can attain a level of deep peace that they have not experienced in this lifetime.

Each session with Eilis is a unique healing opportunity, as she is divinely guided as to how to proceed in order that her clients always receive the highest healing available to them at that time. The result is a powerful synergistic healing for anyone who wants to live their true authentic life.

My Speciality is to shine a light in the dark

I offer soul level healing ….. together we can weave the disconnected parts of your soul back to wholeness. I support you to look at your shadow self with love and acceptance, to acknowledge what is there and heal those aspects of yourself that are running you from your subconscious. With coaching and guidance, using conscious connected breathing along with other appropriate healing techniques, we can look at what is not working in your life. We can then clear any blocks, obstacles and challenges that are getting in your way and bring you to the fullness of your being!

Eilis is one of two teachers approved by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love to teach the 13th Octave LaHoChi. She is a certified Soul Language Practitioner, a certified Rebirther, having completed Rebirthing and Advanced Rebirthing training, and is a certified in Akashic Field Therapy practitioner. She is a Reiki Master in Usui/Raku-kei Reiki and Angelic Reiki and has received extensive training in many other healing modalities.

Personal Soul Languages: Negotiator (AQ) Troubadour (AT) Connoisseur (T)
Business Soul Languages: Peacemaker (AQ) Teacher (AT) Shepherd (T)