Spiritual Gardener Living Awareness Class

So I have been on the spiritual path for years. Things were going great! I was receiving what I wanted, my company was thriving, my relationships were soaring, and I seemed to have finally found my sacred partner.

And, the bottom fell out. My heart was broken. Everything in my world fell apart, and I began to doubt my connection, why I was doing what I was doing and even my faith.

This is my comeback story (and it is still unfolding)! I would like you to benefit from me walking through the pain, focusing on my faith, and creating a deeper connection with the Divine.

I kept asking myself why was this happening…And, I didn’t like the answer: You are up leveling! You are being asked by your Soul to express more of yourself fully and freely.

So if this sounds like you:
You are on the spiritual path and keep wondering why you feel like things aren’t going the way you want them to go?
You are in conflict with the woo-woo and wanting what you want and feel like you are not getting it (and you are pissed).
You have a hard time maintaining your connection in everyday movements of your life.
You know that to alleviate the suffering you “need” to feel connected and come from a place of connection, and you have feel exhausted or have your doubts.
You teach transformation, you are a master healer, and are in a crisis of faith in your own life.

Well welcome to the current energetic state of most transformational leaders and spiritual renegades. There is a huge up-leveling happening for us.

The challenge going through this up-leveling is that we just want to stop:
The suffering
The feeling like we are being tested
The feeling of lack of faith
The feeling of confusion about our connection
The confusion around manifesting our hearts desire

Some people have called this up-leveling experience the Dark Night of the Soul. What I have noticed is that an event might have taken place that brought you to your knees and your spiritual bag of tricks aren’t working. The reason is because there are no tricks or secret formula to living a life free of suffering.

There are ways to create your own Spiritual Garden, so you know that something is always growing in your life.

I’m inviting you to the first Spiritual Gardener Living Awareness Class

This 90-minute class will support you to begin to create your own Spiritual Garden that will sustain you, help you thrive and inspire you – so this up-leveling experience doesn’t have to create lack, doubt and fear in yourself and the Divine (doesn’t mean you won’t feel the pain, you just won’t suffer with it).

During the 90 minutes, you will be focusing on the four major areas of your life: Sacred Purpose (how you express yourself in the world), Health, Relationships and Wealth to truly understand where you have separated yourself from truth and how it is causes you struggle.

During our time together, we will explore how to:
Create your own Sacred Practice of support
Understand your core sustainable belief and how to nurture it (this will allow you to feel peace during almost any situation)
How to collaborate with Universal Good
What type of relationship you have with the Divine and what type of relationship you want
What weeds to pull from your current garden of creation and what you want to thrive
What is your greatest desire and how to accept it, nurture it and receive it
What sacred partnerships you require in your life
How to embody your spirituality and be a miracle
How to be with pain
And whatever the Divine wants us to know

The benefit of this class is:
To be at peace and know that you are loved, supported and provided for and to see that show up in your life in the forms that you desire.
A deeper sense of harmony with life experiences
A deeper level of consciousness in everyday life

Tangibles of this class:
A scared practice that you can stick to
A strategy to collaborate with Universal Good
Action steps to embody spirituality and you being the miracle

There will be two opportunities to take this class on:

Wednesday, March 4th at 9:00 am PT/11:00 am CT/Noon ET AND
Wednesday, March 4th at 4:00 pm PT/6:00 pm CT/7:00 pm ET.
You will receive both replays of this class

Investment: $47