Creating a Personal Strategy For Receiving

Do You Need A Personal Strategy For Receiv1212webgraphicing?

Do you feel like you are an over-giver? Are you experiencing overwhelm? Do you have a belief that you are not enough?

My family of origin are the most generous people I know. We will give you (and I have done this by the way) the shirt off our backs. We are really great givers. I had to create a personal strategy to receive more. By looking at my core beliefs on receiving and giving, I was able to realign to create a more harmonious and balanced pattern of giving and receiving.

If you are like me:
• Spiritual Renegade – not going to do spirituality like anyone else
• Master Healer
• Spirit based Entrepreneur
• Master of Service

You are out there transforming the world and might be suffering at home.
When we create a personal strategy for receiving, it opens up the love channels inside of us and we are then giving from the overflow, not from a place of starvation. Creating a personal approach allows us to relate to it more so we utilize it and it becomes part of our everyday lives.

We are an individualization of the One (meaning God, Universe, Tree, Jesus, Divine, Bob, etc.). We are here to experience that individualization, which means being part of this planet and part of those systems with love and consciousness.

This is why the first call (which is open to everyone as well as participants in the yearlong Soul Expedition Academy) is all about receiving — Creating a Personal Strategy For Receiving.

During this call you will:
• Understand your default for receiving
• Understand the core belief that is obstructing your receiving
• Understand your personal sustainable core belief to open up your receiving
• Understand and create your personal strategy for receiving

Why is this call different from other calls?
• This information is personal to you
• This strategy can be up leveled as you expand
• This addresses both the pain of your not receiving and also the cause

Call Details:
Wednesday, January 4th – 9:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Mountain / 11:00 am Central / Noon Eastern

$42.00 USA