Raise the Consciousness of Your Teams for Greater Effectiveness Foundation

You cannot solve a problem from the same level of
consciousness that created it

Albert Einstein

How do you raise the consciousness of your teams for greater effectiveness? The answer is simple and complex, by getting to know the Souls on your Team!

Join us on MONDAY, JANUARY 31st for Raise the Consciousness of Your Team for Greater Effectiveness Foundation Teleclass which introduces you to how to create teams from the Soul on up. Details below!

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Know Soul Language for Teams takes a new, innovative and intuitive approach to building highly effective teams that demonstrate a strong resolve for results.

In today’s fast pace marketplace, where teams are formed and dissolved at an ever increasing rate to meet organizational goals, we need faster more efficient ways of working in teams.  It’s no secret that organizations are more successful when they are able to create synergy within work groups or teams.

Know Soul Language helps team members name and claim their unique strengths and teaches them how to leverage that knowledge to create highly effective and engaged teams that function with laser determination toward their goals.  Strong team work is where synergy happens and greater organizational success is achieved.

The Raise the Consciousness of Your Teams for Greater Effectiveness Tele-Seminar Series is designed to introduce team members to this new language for identifying an individual’s unique perspective and talents and then apply it to the best practices for building strong teams.  This interactive 3 part series is focused on Education, Action and Alignment.  Each session includes pre and post work assignments with real time application.


  • Reduced Team Frustration
  • Greater Time Efficentcies — Imagine reducing the amount of time teams take to get things done.
  • More Enjoyment — When team members are supported in doing what they excel at, they’ll soar and bring the whole team to new heights leading to more enjoyment and greater satisfaction
  • Greater Results — Teams that work together more effectively, understand their roles and believe that collaboration can really benefit everyone, greater results will occur from the team’s efforts.

Interested in securing your spot for this teleclass now!

Join us on Monday, January 31st at 9:16 am (eastern) to experience this material first hand.  The investment is: $47

And includes:

  • Teleclass participation for up to three team members
  • One Soul Language identified for each team member (up to three members)
  • Audio of the teleclass
  • 7 Ways to Use Your Soul Language to Create Better Alignment and Action For Your Team — a tangible tool report for you and your team to build your new skills.

Interested in securing your spot for this teleclass now!

This call is going to be content rich and have limited seating, so secure your spot today!