How To Be The Great Receiver Class Material

Congratulations!  Welcome to the world of receiving.  Below are class materials, the class audios and additional resources for YOU!

Safety Exercise

Nature place my body in a feeling of being safe, loved and supported.

Here is the Charka chart and the meaning for your releasing exercise.

Root Charka (Red) = The right to have

Second Charka (Orange) = The right to feel or create

Third Charka (Yellow) = The right to act

Fourth Charka (Green) = The right to give and receive

Fifth Charka (Blue) = The right to speak

Sixth Charka (Violet) = The right to know

Crown Charka (Purple) = The right to connect

Receiving Statement

Nature, place my body in alignment with the frequency of receiving.

Receiving Process

  1. Open up to receiving by: Asking Nature to place in your body a feeling of being safe, supported and provided for in every cell of your body.  OR Feeling the power of why it is important to receive. OR Feeling the power of being in connection with Source, The Universe, etc.
  2. Say your proud statement: I am proud of what I am offering OR I am proud of what I’m giving OR I am of value and I receive my value
  3. Feel and express your power by: Asking Nature to place your body in a feeling of being safe, loved, supported and provided for being in your own personal feminine power. Then say while you are in that feeling your feminine receiving affirmation
  4. Your Soulful Ending

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