Instant Soul Support

When you are consumed by fear, God could sit down beside you and you would not hear or see that Divine presence.

Often, when we are in the thick of things, we require someone who can be at a state of consciousness we desire. And although we can reach out to friends and our support teams, most of us do not.

What if there was a service that you could tap into that could provide assistance for you in times of challenge within minutes? What if you could just unload your troubles and challenges onto someone and they could provide you with a question that would create clarity and movement? What if you could have someone that acts like liquid nitrogen to get to the core of a challenge so you can shift and shift easily?

Well, today you can let go of the what ifs. I’m introducing Instant Soul Support – access to someone with Divine wisdom, conscious questions and tangible tools to move you through a challenge.

Sometimes you don’t need a coach…sometimes you need instant support.

Over the last couple of months, I have looked over client’s copy, emails to clients, interactions between couples and heard some challenges that would stop anyone’s heart. They all had one thing in common. The answer was in front of these individuals, but they were in so much fear at the time that they couldn’t see or hear those answers…

My community is highly intuitive and innovative. You are smart, you provide support for others, and you have a million tools. And we can all out smart ourselves.

Now, instead of hiring a spiritual coach for months on end, you can hire one for a minute…

Instant Soul Support is here!
Access to me via email during the entire month* (to answer challenge questions, to look at copy, to provide questions and answers of support)

Access to me via text during the entire month (instant gratification when you are in the thick of things)

Investment: $155 (for three months of instant support)

*Please note that this service is not to be used as a coaching service. If you are experiencing a huge challenge where you find that you require support on a daily basis, we will discuss the option of a formal session.