Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman

Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman
Topic: It’s Time to Get What Makes You Tick
Learn why it is important to understand YOU!

Personal Soul Language(s) for Jan: (AQ): Pioneer, (AT): Motivator, Tone: Escalator
Personal Soul Language(s) for Alan: (AQ): Politician, (AT): Hero, Tone: Conductor

“…make the self inquiry what makes you tick…” and “you will get signs and signals from your inner guidance system if you are on track….” Alan Hickman and Jan Stringer

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About Jan and Alan
Jan H. Stringer is a pioneer applying the Law of Attraction in the revolutionary BEE-ing Attraction Planning™ Methodology for attracting relationships that would be described as a perfect fit. She is a master attractor who brings her years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to assist people to reach a deeper connection within creating heart-centered business and lives.

Jan is co-author of the global best-selling book, “Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity.”

Alan Hickman is a renaissance man and was attracted to Jan and PerfectCustomers because of his realization that this work was something he had wanted to be doing his whole life. Alan is about personal evolution and is a catalyst for spiritual growth. He brings his experience which ranges from Meditation teacher, Sales Manager, Oil Broker, as well as, was a candidate for US Congress and is sometimes described as the “world’s greatest cheerleader.”

Their new book, “Bee-ing Attraction: What Love Has To Do With Business and Marketing” is a fresh angle on doing business in the new economy is now available at www.amazon.com. Jan and Alan share their marriage and business partnership living in Santa Fe, NM.

They deliver their work in group and private sessions, tele-classes, speaking engagements, on-line study guides, and home study programs. Jan and Alan are the Co-Founders of the Authorized BEE-ing Attraction Wizards School; whose training has been described as something that defies logic and will have your heart-centered business and lives BEE successful no matter what!