Julie Daley

Julie Daley Golden State Soul PortraitJulie Daley
Topic: You Belong in the Spotlight
Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Equalizer, AT: Lawmaker, and Tone: Conductor
Business Soul Languages: AQ: Observer, AT: Motivator, and Tone: Disillusionist

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Awaken the Wild – A 7-day Virtual Sensual Immersion from the Island of Molokai in Hawaii.



The Best of Unabashedly Female:
A digital journey into the Sacred Feminine: a way to experience this in yourself through writings, audio, and poetry

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About Julie:
Teacher, writer, and coach, since 2003, Julie Daley has led hundreds of people from all walks of life to awaken the soul–the source of true creative expression within.

Her work as a coach and teacher of Creativity in Business (and other adapted courses) has varied with the setting, from one-on-one to groups and businesses. She has worked with corporations, including Microsoft, and has taught Creativity and Leadership at Stanford University Continuing Studies for the past seven years. She’s coached hundreds of women and men who lost loved ones in 9/11, and 9/11 widows who wanted to learn to love again. She guides individuals in specialized creativity courses across the country, and serves coaching clients around the world.

As her own journey towards discovering the sacred feminine within deepens, she’s adapting all she has experienced and learned in order to create and offer courses and coaching that help guide women into their own internal landscape, a land where the sacred feminine makes herself known in Her own way.