Kathy Smyly Miller

Kathy Smyly Miller
Topic: Investigator’s Perspective on Soul Language: Connecting the Dots for a Deeper and Richer Understanding

Personal Soul Languages: (AQ) Pioneer, (AT) Purveyor and (Tone) Investigator
Business Soul Languages:
Business #1 – AQ: Mentor, AT: Image Maker and Tone: Industrialist

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Aligning Priorities Worksheet and 15 Minute Phone Consultation to Go Over Results
Are you a juggler? Prolific idea generator? Marathon multi-tasker? Busy doesn’t always equal productive. If you bounce back and forth between feeling exhilarated and feeling exhausted; if you’re wondering if you can fit it all in, and if not, which ball(s) to let drop, use this exercise to get clear and focused on what’s most important to you now.

About Kathy Smyly Miller
Kathy Smyly Miller is a Pioneer in the business community.  Starting with her first Body-Mind awareness course at age 6, she has explored a wide variety of consciousness-raising activities under the mentorship of masters. Her passion for business started early, too, and in each entrepreneurial endeavor, her personal practice has been the ace up her sleeve.

As a young adult Kathy became certified as a birth coach, and the skills she developed guiding couples through the birth process, from conscious conception to natural childbirth and beyond, have prepared her well for the integral role she now plays as a wellness promoter, business consultant and entrepreneur.  In 2009, Kathy was honored by NJBiz as one of New Jersey’s “Best 50 Women in Business.”

As co-founder and CEO of WellnessPossibilities.com, Kathy advocates for proactively exploring a wide variety of wellness services and activities to live healthier, happier and easier.  Her training and experiences have given her the ability to work with others on a personal level that is deeply powerful.