Kiva Leatherman

Kiva Leatherman
Topic: Throw Like a Girl — A feminine approach to the practical side of money
Learn how to take a strong, feminine approach with your money.
Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Negotiator, AT: Motivator, and Tone: Diplomat
Business Soul Languages: AQ: Negotiator, AT: Master, and Tone: Enchantress

“…slow down and set aside some time to consider your money…” Kiva Leatherman

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A D.A.N.C.E. Class

Join Kiva in the studio to learn to D.A.N.C.E. in your life.   Grove to greate music, pick up some moves, learn a framework for success in your life

About Kiva
Kiva is the Founder and President of Wise Workshops, which develops curriculum for women to learn about their health, wealth and time. As a speaker, she encourages women to know themselves, to know about their money and to stop living vicariously through others – to achieve success and happiness on their terms.

Kiva was formerly a Sales Vice President with a major investment firm managing a territory that generated over $100 million in sales annually. Although the investment business was definitely a boys club, Kiva found a way to succeed with grace, humor and feminine strength.

Her presentations on women and investing laid the groundwork for what eventually became Wise Workshops and her personal mission to ensure that women are in charge of their own money, their own time and the decisions that they make regarding their nutrition and health.

She teaches women to create a framework for success which gives them the power and freedom to live well.

Kiva graduated with degrees in Psychology and Performing Arts from Washington University in St. Louis. She loves teaching women to get their groove on through dance and is a certified fitness trainer. Kiva lives on the beautiful Seacoast of New Hampshire with her husband, Michael and her young children, Myles and Charlotte.