The Year of Consciousness

2012 is here and this year, if you are called to live more consciously and Soulfully, you will need support and additional tools.

We all need support to raise our consciousness level. Amazing resources and powerful tools are available. Below are several tools we recommend to help you create joy everyday.

Essential Oils for Axiom of Quest

(I have identified the essential oil blend for each Language to help you release easily & gracefully )

Aligning With Your Mission Special Healing Workshop(s)

(A special healing workshop designed specifically for your Axiom of Quest)

Soul Language Integration Tools

(Materials to help you integrate this powerful process called Soul Language)

Success Support Program

(A community-based program designed to provide you with tangible tools on how to utilize
your Soul Languages in your every day life)

Practiced Prosperity

(Principles to help you practice and live a life of prosperity)

Hand Analysis

(Understand your Life Purpose and Life Lesson)


(Learn what guidance the numbers of your Soul Language can share with you)

If you have found your way to this site but have not yet had your Soul Languages identified, click here.

Do you have a business? If so you can have the Soul Languages of your business identified. Click here for more information.