Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt
Topic: The Money Conversation
Learn how to have a better conversation with money with Linda Hunt.

Personal Soul Languages: (AQ) Matriarch, (AT) Teacher of Integrity and (Tone) Conductor
Business Soul Languages: (AQ) Negotiator, (AT) Messenger and (Tone) Capitalist

“…Don’t let money be your driving your motivation for bringing
in new business
…” Linda Hunt

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The 9 Money Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

About Linda
She is the small business money mentor who understands the spiritual power and soul behind money and its effects on the business and the person running that business.  Through The Money Conversation, Linda helps entrepreneurs  create a straight path between the money they are paid for their products and services by establishing boundaries within which their business operates (process), communicating those boundaries (courage), and believing you deserve to be richly compensated (self-worth).  She is a true “money healer” and creator of solutions that help entrepreneurs to grow their business and earn more money.