Louie LaChusa

Louie LaChusa
Topic: Knowing Which Soul Color Can Connect You to Your Full Potential of Inner Power
Learn all about Soul colors and how they can help you create a powerful life.

Personal Soul Language(s): AT: Master

“Don’t doubt you are a Master…” Louie LaChusa

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About Louie
As a Soul Colors™ Reader, Louie LaChusa has the ability to see the energy people are emanating out to the Universe, in full living color. This gift allows Louie to connect to that energy and help individuals understand the meaning for each of their personal Soul Colors™, bringing them clarity and helping them get in touch with who they really are.

A Native American, Louie believes he possessed this gift as a child, but suppressed it because he didn’t understand it. He is happy to have reconnected with it and now knows it is his purpose to use this gift to help others connect to their own personal power.

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