Lynne Brodie

Lynne Brodie
Topic: Releasing The Frenzy of Fragmentation

Learn how to release the frenzy and be whole.

Personal Soul Language(s): AT: Rainmaker

“…where everything really lives in your heart and Soul…” Lynne Brodie

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Complimentary Business Intuitive & Energy Session

Raise the vibration of your soul/mind to access the Infinite Intelligence. It provides deep levels of clarity & creativity of Genius not normally attainable at your current vibrational frequency

About Lynne
Lynne Brodie, a 28 year corporate executive for Fortune 500 companies in global sales of over $160 Million, leadership, team building, strategic partners, client care and retention is YOUR Personal Rainmaker.  Lynne works with you to not only learn what multi-million dollar companies know, but also to activate the space which co-creates your businesses success.  She is known as 1 of the Top Business Intuitive’s in the World. Lynne also has the unique ability to raise your vibration through attunements and channel your Physical Energy into Spiritual Energy. Thus creating the space for you to connect, communicate and manifest with the source of Infinite Intelligence and all its knowledge and power.

Lynne is also the President and Founder of Whole·istic U·nivers·ity. It is the Universities mission to provide a global eLearning venue that brings together the Collective Wisdom of many Master Teachers, from both the Business and Spiritually Conscious areas, under one platform for one affordable fee. In doing so, existing and aspiring entrepreneurs are afforded the opportunity to learn practical application to build their business and a life by design. Curriculum includes Coaching,  Business Ideas for would be Entrepreneurs and Business classes  teaching the steps to take from Incorporation through to Success.  The universities sole purpose is to evolve all that are connected, involved, participate, teach and learn so that by extension that evolvement “Flows out to the World Around YOU!”