Magnify Your Understanding: Amplify Your Life

In my experience, having different kinds of support in my own life has been beneficial. Think of it this way: you have a general practitioner, a dentist and your specialist. I wouldn’t go to my general practitioner if I needed my teeth cleaned! Each kind of support or tool meets a specific need that I have.

Individuals who have been on the journey for a while and are guides for others often place themselves last on the list for of self-love. I have noticed that leaders often are in service mode so much and so often that it creates disharmony in their life. They only work through an experience so that they can teach it and help their community without fully acknowledging the importance of that experience for themselves.

As a leader and a powerful healer, the struggle that you are experiencing can be subtle and sneaky.

I was working with a coach who is so aware and operates very consciously using her Soul Languages. This means she is feeling joy, loving life and receiving and yet…

I have never heard a judgment about someone else come out of her mouth. During the course of the conversation, we talked about how quickly she processes things and moves onto a new environment. But by jokingly commenting about this talent, she minimized this amazing talent.

This gift is part of her Soul Language (Axiom of Translation – Wanderer). This individual, without judgment for another individual, was judging herself. This small judgment was creating a pocket of conditions and limitations within herself, in turn creating limitations in her physical world.

Magnify Your Understanding: Amplify Your Life is a unique approach for several reasons:

  • The approach provides you with tools created by your Soul and is personal to you and you alone
  • The approach focuses on aligning the spiritual and emotional parts of your life and your business
  • The approach will deepen any programs and tools you are currently utilizing in your life and business
  • It helps you process and utilize all the knowledge that you have gathered on your journey so that you can integrate this into your daily life and receive the benefits of that knowledge
  • It gives you tools to create paths to accepting and loving yourself more

What are the transformational outcomes of the approach:

  • You will have an easy self-love structure that will provide you with the clarity, inspiration and motivation that you desire for yourself and allow you to go even deeper with your clients
  • You will know how to attract, connect, resonate and speak to your community and clients and not have to worry about your “ideal client”
  • You will be fully creating for yourself the way you create for your clients
  • You will be calmly and safely embracing the spotlight
  • You will have a personal receiving and manifestation process that is natural to you and generates results
  • You will understand your authentic self, be your authentic self and express your authentic self in every aspect of your business and personal life
  • You will know how to utilize and expand your personal power so you can create, produce and receive
  • You will identify, understand and attract your tribe or community, creating a flow so there’s no more constant “selling” feelings
  • You will know how creative flow works so you can build a business that is constant and continuous
  • You will know what your spiritual blind spots are and utilize them to be a stronger leader for your community
  • You will understand your misperceptions on money, love, spirituality, fear, etc and have created new perceptions that help you succeed and expand, and provide additional guidance to your clients
  • You will be no longer living with the choices that you had already made and have a personal way for clarity, beneficial decision making and have less stress and pain!
  • You will know how to see and understand the blue print of your clients’ Souls, in order to provide deeper guidance that will give them more opportunities for growth.
  • You will feel motivated each day, which will result in a more joyful environment for home and business
  • You will have the tools to tap into Universal wisdom that you can share with your clients, allowing you to produce more clarity, less struggle and profound results
  • You will have tools to create sacred space for you and your clients, allowing a deeper level of trust in yourself and with your clients
  • You will have a deeper love and acceptance of yourself, opening up your circle of both giving and receiving of love, wealth and health

Magnify Your Understanding: Amplify Your Life Elements (Six Months)

75-Minute Soul Language Blueprint Session
Determines your greatest desire and helps you create a strategy in each area of your life to achieve that desire (first month).

2-hour Releasing and Creating Session
By having a conscious conversation with your Soul, determine where you think you are, where you really are and where to move from there to align yourself with your mission so you can amplify your life and magnify the talents and truth of your Soul (first month).

75-Minute Session on Your Community, Your Clients and You
During this session, you will understand how your community and your clients are a reflection of you and your desires. We work with your Soul to determine what you have in common (talents and fears) with your community, why you are the leader of your community and how to talk, resonate and attract your community (first month).

Three 75-minute sessions per month for five months
During these monthly sessions, we will (among other topics):

  • Create your personal manifestation process
  • Create your personal process for clarity
  • Understand how you can utilize your Soul Languages to help yourself, your clients and your community
  • Identify spiritual and emotional pitfalls and how to avoid them so that they do not side track your business or your personal life

The approach also includes:

  • Access to all classes that I teach including classes in the Success Support Program
  • Intuitive 911 – This allows you to reach out to me anytime day or night when you need guidance or assistance. Times of great expansion can feel a little overwhelming. This portion of the approach allows you to feel safe and supported in change.

Who is the approach for?
Business and community leaders, and healers

And, of course you – if these statements resonate with you:

  • I have been on the journey awhile and I would like to go deeper.
  • I know there is something huge inside me and I want to express it
  • I am ready to take the next leap into a conscious way of living my life and my business

What is the investment?
The investment is $5,700 or $957.00 per month for six months.

Interested? Next Steps
Please secure a 20 minute complimentary session to explore this approach. Click here to secure that session (click the Magnify link).