Marcy Neumann

Marcy NeumannMarcy Neumann
Topic: Taking Center Stage – How To Get Ready For Your Leading Role In The Spotlight
Personal Soul Language(s): Tone: Escalator

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About Marcy:
Marcy Neumann, creator of the Letting Go to Let In program, is not only your mentor, guide and coach but a student of her own teachings as well as she has practiced what she preaches.

She was there, right where you are now…unsure of where to go, which way to turn to get out and once out, what to do to keep from falling back. That’s what the Letting Go to Let In program is all about, starting with a shift in your heart that ends with a shift in your life. Marcy is now known as The Heartshift Coach.

Marcy’s background is unique. A healer by nature, Marcy became a registered nurse, and early in her training, she also began to realize that there was more to complete and total healing and recovery than just the science-based conventional medical side.

She trained with world renowned Rev. Edith Wendling and was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister. In doing so, Marcy was able to create a bridge and close the gap between scientific healing and spiritual, natural well-being that caused her patients to thrive.

After further training to become a Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotist, she took her calling to heal even further. She created a unique, cutting-edge self-help health and wellness program called CELLpH (self) Love where she cleverly shows the powerful connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds of healing and the influence of thoughts and emotions on the pH of the cell.

For over 35+ years, she has integrated energy healing principles and programs with medical needs and was instrumental in creating Reiki programs for mainstream medical facilities such as Hospice of Long Island, the Northshore/LIJ Hospital system, as well as numerous other facilities and organizations countrywide.

In a natural progression towards helping and healing others, Marcy recognized the need for physical products as well as teaching and guidance. She created Heartlites, Inc., a company manufacturing award winning spiritual/personal development products, programs and educational materials based on the ‘Law of Attraction’ principles. Her unique adaptation of the ‘Law of Attraction’ has made her coaching services sought after for both private and corporate sectors in creating personal and professional success.

Marcy is also a published author with her most recent book a unique, heartwarming tale called “The Little Seed That Would”, a motivational, inspirational journey set in the unique format of a children’s story book for adults! Her next book, due to be released in 2013, features her CellpH Love program. Another book is underway based on the Letting Go to Let In principles and practices and is scheduled for release in 2014.

Marcy’s unique approach to life resonates through her ability to communicate her passion and project her energy onto and into those listening to and interacting with her, making her a dynamic speaker. She conducts live seminars, workshops and is resuming her very popular radio show in 2013.