Margaret Prusan

Margaret Prusan
Topic: The Willingness Factor
Learn what it means to be “willing” in your life and your business.

Personal Soul Language(s): AT: Huntress

“Everything in your life has brought you here. Now, what are you going to do with…”Margaret Prusan

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The E-book

The Willingness Factor: 7 Signs You Are Ready for Mastery in Your Business

About Margaret
Margaret Prusan brings over twenty-five years of expertise in business development and processes from corporate and non-profit arenas. A self-proclaimed corporate mutt and “corpreneur”, her background includes developing business platforms, marketing communications initiatives and helping organizations through business transformations including global product and service launches, business development, re-branding, M&A, IPO and Chapter 11. Industries include financial services, technology, retail, wholesale, luxury goods, non-profit and politics.

Margaret earned a degree in International Relations from the University of Connecticut. She attended the Faculté des Lettres in Rouen, France and the Campaign Management Institute at American University.