Michelle Casto

Michelle Casto
Topic: Four Spiritual Smart Shifts That Will Align You
Personal Soul Languages: AQ: Prophet, AT: Partner, Tone: Disillusionist

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About Michelle:
Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission to inspire you to discover the Truth of who you are so you can freely shine your brightest light. Whether you are changing careers, making a major life transition, or seeking more meaning from life, you can benefit from the support of an experienced mentor to assist you with navigating the tough spots of walking your highest Destiny. Michelle has worked with thousands of international clientele to find their ideal career path, expertly blending human psychology, spirituality, and the science of success into a powerful formula for personal transformation. Her proven Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed) empowers people to grow beyond victim mentality and shows them how to be conscious creators of their life. A prolific author of 30+ life transformation products, her latest book, is The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success she is known for her potent magic that transforms people into knowing and honoring themselves at a deep level.